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Enamel Color Oxides


Sino's products are noted for high temperature resistance, high tinting power, bright color and high quality. They're mainly used in enamel for daily use and industry, decal paper, enamel panel, glass for daily use and industry, permanent color code, far infrared material and powder coating.


Product Variety:

Code No. Name Composition Color
SEP101 Cadmium Yellow Cd-Zn-S  
SEP102 Cadmium Yellow Cd-S  
SEP106 Lemon Yellow Cd-Zn-Ba-S-O  
SEP110 Cadmium Orange Cd-Zn-Se-S  
SEP112 Creamy Yellow Pb-Sb-Zn  
SEP531 Sb-Ti Yellow Sb-Ti  
SEP532 Ni-Ti Yellow Ni-Ti  
SEP533 Sb-Zr Yellow Sb-Zr  
SEP120 Orange Red Cd-Zn-Se-S  
SEP121 Cadmium Red Cd-Se-S  
SEP122 Cadmium Red Cd-Se-S  
SEP123 Dark Cadmium Red Cd-Se-S  
SEP125 Cadmium Red Cd-Se-S  
SEP142 Pink Cr-Sn-Si-Ca  
SEP143 Enamel Red Cr-Sn-Si-Ca  
SEP145 Purple Cr-Sn-Si  
SEP150 Royal Blue Co-Si  
SEP151 Sky Blue Co-Cr-Zn-Al  
SEP152 Blue Green Co-Cr-Zn-Al  
SEP153 Peacock Green Co-Cr-Zn-Al  
SEP154 Cobalt Blue Co-Zn-Al  
SEP155 Jade Green Co-Cr-Zn-Al-Cd-S  
SEP156 Green Co-Cr-Zn-Al  
SEP157 Dark Green Co-Cr-Al  
SEP158 Blackish Green Co-Cr-Zn-Al  
SEP159 Apple Green V-Pr-Zr-Si  
SEP160 Maroon Blue Co-Cr-Zn-Al  
SEP161 Jewel Blue Co-Cr-Zn-Al  
SEP162 Dark Blue Co-Cr-Zn-Al-Ni  
SEP171 Brown Fe-Cr-Zn  
SEP171B Pale Brown Fe-Cr-Zn  
SEP172 Sb-Sn Grey Sb-Sn  
SEP173 Dark Grey Sb-Sn  
SEP174 Zr Grey Zr-Si-Co-Ni  
SEP175 Silver Grey Co-Ni-Si  
SEP181 Cr Green Cr-O  
SEP182 Oliver Green Co-Cr-Zn-Al-Pb-Sb  


Copper chrome black


SEP8196 Copper chrome black Cr-Cu-Zn-Mo-Mn  
SEP191 Black Fe-Cr-Cu-Mn  
SEP192 Black Fe-Cr-Cu-Mn  
SEP192A Black Fe-Cr-Cu-Mn  


Co Black


SEP194 Co Black Fe-Cr-Cu-Co  
SEP195 Co Black Fe-Cr-Cu-Mn  
SEP198 Co Black Fe-Cr-Cu-Co  
SEP270 Reddish Brown Fe-Cr-Zn  
SEP273 Dark Brown Fe-Cr-Zn  

Note:The color marks shown are only for reference as they may vary from those of the actual products,The red mark is the main product of our company.


Technical Specification:

Item Volatile at 105°C Water soluble matters
/Cadmium series
Residue on sieve Shade
Specification ≤0.5% ≤0.4%/1.0% 325·mesh≤0.4%max same or similar to the sample


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